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Hollyoaks' David Tag warns "Being a dad could bring out Sylver's angry side"

Long-lost daughter Cher is set to shake things up

Hollyoaks – Cher McQueen (Bethany Hare)
Channel 4
Published: Friday, 29th May 2020 at 1:55 pm

The newest McQueen in Hollyoaks Cher Winters (Bethany Hare) makes a big impact on her arrival when she announces to a stunned Sylver McQueen (David Tag) she is his long-lost daughter as he's in the middle renewing his wedding vows with wife Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe).


"He can't believe what this girl is saying at first," Tag tells in an exclusive interview. "Sylver was in prison for most of his adult life so he's wracking his brains thinking 'What is she on about?' He tries to get rid of Cher by giving her money, then as she gives him more information alarms bells ring and he gets this feeling of dread…

"Cher knows nothing about Sylver other than where he lives, and she is desperate to find him. Initially she's sneaking around the pub and thinks Warren is her dad, she doesn't even know what Sylver looks like! Things are not good with her mum, Kelly, so she wants to track down her father and seek a better life."

Quite how 18-year-old Cher was conceived when the muscly McQueen was banged up all those years, framed by serial killer adopted mum Breda for the murder of his violent stepdad, is yet to be explained, and Sylver will have to face the music about a lie he's told for almost two decades. But Cher is definitely telling the truth and she's here to stay - much to Tag's delight.

"I'm honoured they've given Sylver a daughter as it hopefully means bit of longevity for the character," he smiles. "And Cher is a classic McQueen - beautiful, ballsy, bolshy and a bit of a diva. But at the same time there is a vulnerability. You wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!"

hollyoaks cher romeo

Nor would you want to cross Sylver himself, and Tag warns the legendary temper that lies beneath his alter ego's gentle giant demeanour could be unleashed as Cher catches the eye of local lad Romeo Quinn.

"Yes, there is some flirting between them. Sylver clocks that and tries to put a dampener on it as he doesn't trust Romeo that much. I don't think he'll see anyone as being good enough boyfriend material for his daughter as he gets used to the idea of being her father.

"Sylver might be a softie but when it comes to boys or anyone trying to hurt Cher, that protective, angry side might come out. Romeo should watch his step!"


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