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10 big talking points after Hollyoaks flash forward

Passion, death, drugs and a wedding on the way in 2020

hollyoaks flash forward
Published: Friday, 27th December 2019 at 7:55 pm

Hollyoaks' glimpse into the future has given fans plenty to talk about following the flash forward episode, which showed a sneak preview of events set to unfold a year from now on 31st December 2020.


The soap's audacious high concept set on New Year's Eve featured 10 short scenes showing where characters will be in 12 months' time, in a series of intriguing and dramatic moments - now we have to spend the next 52 weeks wondering how we get there. Here are the most noteworthy points to discuss…

Juliet and Peri are in love

holly oaks Juliet peri

Perhaps the most unexpected reveal in the hour-long special shows gobby teen Juliet Quinn declaring her love for trainee nurse Peri Lomax by the end of 2020. With scars on her face, and looking decidedly different, Juliet kisses Peri who is dressed for a wedding. It's clear they've been an item for some time but it seems like a secret affair - what's happened to Juliet and Sid?

Wedding mystery

hollyoaks romeo tom

Talking of weddings, there's a ceremony taking place on New Year's Eve next year but we don't know who's tying the knot. Is it Peri, hence her outfit and guilt at snogging Juliet? Or Romeo Quinn, suited and booted and comforted by Tom Cunningham as he cries about a lost love. Or Tom himself? Or someone else entirely?

Tragic death

hollyoaks body bag

A body bag is zipped up outside The Hutch restaurant, with John Paul McQueen sobbing as police tape cordons off the area. Is he mourning for of the mighty McQueen family this time next year?

Nancy's pregnant

hollyoaks Nancy

In the present day Nancy Osbourne went through a gamut of emotions as she was dumped by boyfriend Kyle Kelly for admitting her one-off dalliance with ex Darren, then revealed she was pregnant and ended up forgiven and engaged! Maybe it's Nancy and Kyle's wedding we glimpsed? The pregnancy provided a rare moment of optimism in the episode, but will it run smoothly?


hollyoaks Marnie misbah

In 2019 they were giving daggers to one another at the tension-fuelled 'parents who party' bash, but come next year warring mums Marnie Nightingale and Misbah Maalik have called a truce and are best mates! Admitting how they couldn't have got through the last year without their treasured friendship as the mystery wedding was about to take place, this union is perhaps the biggest leap over the next 365 days…

Darren's despair

hollyoaks darren flash forward

Darren is set to battle with depression in a long-running mental health storyline set to dominate 2020, and the flash forward shows the desperate dad wailing in despair in the Hutch kitchen, covered in blood… Is this connected to the body bag outside? Has Darren killed someone by mistake? Tried to take his own life? Or found the corpse?

Charlie in trouble

hollyoaks Charlie dean

"What have you done?" shouts Nancy up the stairs as cops barge through her front door in 2020, clearly looking for Charlie who has been a very naughty boy. The present day showed the start of the teen's descent into crime, making him vulnerable fodder to be groomed as part of the county lines drug dealing storyline. Say goodbye to that innocent, sweet little lad and hello to Hollyoaks' junior Pablo Escobar…

Ella the drug dealer

hollyoaks Mandy flash forward

It's not just Charlie who's caught up in the county lines drama - Mandy Morgan (with new hair to show us we are very much in the future) weeps as she finds hidden stash of cash in daughter Ella Richardson's belongings. Expect the schoolgirl to go from goodie to baddie as she's drawn into the dark world of underage trafficking.

Ollie's addiction

hollyoaks ollie flash forward

Luke Morgan can't bring himself to tell son Ollie he's been diagnosed with a degenerative illness, but a year from now we see an emotional Ollie slumped in a toilet cubicle with a bag of drugs crying "I just miss him so much…" Has Luke died, pushing Ollie to drugs in grief? Or are his tears for someone else?

Danger for Sid

hollyoaks sid sumner flash forward

Tearaway Sid Sumner starts a new life fostered by the Lomaxes, but in 2020 foster mum Leela (also dressed for this wedding) is horrified to find a smashed up guitar in the pub car park - earlier in the episode Sid talked about his passion for learning the instrument as part of getting back on the straight and narrow. Either a guitar lesson has gone really badly, or something much worse has happened to the teenager, who's dodgy cousin Jordan made his first appearance in 2019 and is set to corrupt the kids of the village…


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