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Emmerdale stars tease potential love triangle with Cain, Moira and Malone

Corrupt cop curtails Coira reunion?

emmerdale moira cain malone
Published: Wednesday, 1st July 2020 at 6:30 pm

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) confessed he still loved estranged wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) in Emmerdale's lockdown episode, giving Coira fans hope a reunion for the fan-favourite couple was on the cards after the farmer's fling with stepson Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) wrecked the marriage.


Unfortunately, there are more obstacles about to be put in the path of reconciliation next week when Cain thinks his missus is having it away with corrupt cop DI Mark Malone (Mark Womack), unaware the charged moment he spies between them is far from romantic.

Moira rumbles Malone's scandalous affair with vicar Harriet Finch and Malone pays a visit to Butler's Farm to silence her, seen from afar by a suspicious Cain who gets the wrong end of the stick…

"He's a jealous type so he jumps to conclusions and sees red," reveals Hordley. "After the lockdown episode we're aware Cain still has feelings for Moira but believes they can't move on. But there was that little look at the end and the playing of the cassette, so it's all there for them to become socially-distanced lovers!"

Cain is unaware Moira is actually in grave danger from his nemesis, who threatens her to keep quiet about him and Harriet in a menacing showdown.

"Moira pretends she's not scared, but realises she's dealing with a real bad egg here," says Robb. "Even though she pretends not to be afraid, as soon as he leaves you can see the fear. He is unpredictable and because he's a copper he has the power to do things that maybe others wouldn't. So she is definitely scared, especially when he threatens her family - you would be!"

emmerdale moira malone

In addition to the revelation of her hook-up with Malone, remorseful Harriet also fills Moira in on Cain being involved in the dastardly detective's secret drug dealing ring. Robb reveals this could also have negative repercussions on any future fresh starts for Moira and Cain.

"She's angry, Moira can't believe Cain has been involved all along. Harriet tries to tell her it wasn't his fault and he didn't do any of it willingly, but anything to do with drugs after her daughter Holly died of an overdose means she's not happy about it.

"And I think it's just the fact he's kept another secret from her, but that's standard when it comes to them isn't it?"

Shortly after he sees Malone stalking off, Cain receives a call telling him Moira has been the victim of a hit and run accident and is fighting for her life.

Speculation is rife as to who is responsible, with Malone being prime suspect along with wild card Jamie Tate, who is seen swerving his car down a dark road in a recent trailer. If Malone has tried to get Moira out of the picture, Hordley teases Cain would want revenge.

"Cain knows Malone is dangerous and has got to be wary of him, but he'll still have a go. However, at anytime Malone could pull one majorly over him and it could cost people's lives…"


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