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Will Brenda go to jail after being exposed by Mandy in Emmerdale?

Incriminating evidence proving she could've killed Dan has emerged

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Published: Monday, 30th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

Brenda Hope (Lesley Dunlop) tried to cover up her part in the incident that put Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) in hospital with serious spinal injuries, but it all backfired when Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) dug out incriminating evidence and now the cafe owner could end up behind bars.


Last week, Emmerdale's Dan suffered an anaphylactic shock after scoffing one of Brenda's wraps he had no idea included almond milk as one of the ingredients, which was bad news considering the mechanic's nut allergy.

The reaction caused him to collapse in the garage onto some hefty equipment that harmed his back - he needed emergency surgery and now faces months of physiotherapy, but doctors have warned he may never walk again.

Brenda apologised claiming it was an honest, if life-changing, mistake and panicked as she realised this could spell trouble for her livelihood.

Encouraged by pal Eric Pollard on Monday 30th March to dispose of the wrapper containing the info she failed to alert allergic Dan about, guilt-ridden Brenda threw it away hoping it would be enough to avoid reprisals.

emmerdale mandy dingle

She didn't bank on Mandy, who was so determined to get justice for her mate she rifled through the bins to find the packaging - eventually finding a smoking (and probably smelly) gun which could have serious consequences for Bren.

Confronting her over recovering Dan's hospital bed, Mandy took control as she produced the packaging and threatened Brenda with court action over causing Mr Spencer's accident. The Dingle diva also reminded Mrs Hope she shouldn't have been so high and mighty when accusing Mandy of misconduct over the 'Free Marlon Dingle' fund. What goes around comes around…

Will Brenda get banged up? Dan angrily berated her for ruining his life last week but had calmed down until Mandy waded in - the ball is in his court as to pursuing the matter through the legal system, but it's not looking good…


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