EastEnders aired another character exit in this week's episodes, leaving one particular person feeling rather distraught.


The soap previously revealed that a handful of characters would be written out of the show, including Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson). And after a series of showdowns, he has now walked away from Albert Square.

Peter has been at odds with his family ever since learning that his uncle Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was behind the attack he was subjected to on the street. Ben mistook Peter for a homophobic man he had encountered earlier, and although his mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) was disgusted over Ben's actions, she chose to protect him and banned Peter from reporting him when he found out.

With Kathy supporting Ben in the wake of his rape at the hands of Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan), she was determined to keep him out of prison. Oblivious to the situation, Peter felt increasingly rejected by her.

Peter had a passionate encounter with Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith)

She tried to bring the boys together with a party at the house, but this was interrupted when Ben publicly shamed Peter and Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) for having sex, leaving Peter's brother and Dana's ex Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) angry and devastated.

Later, the police arrived to arrest Ben for assault – Peter had gone against Kathy's wishes and named Ben to the police. Kathy later headed to the station to give a statement to exonerate her son. Upon his release, Ben went straight to Walford East where he found Peter in the kitchen. He confronted his nephew, who showed no fear in the face of Ben's threats and called him out.

Peter Beale recast - Dayle Hudson
Dayle Hudson as Peter Beale in EastEnders BBC

Ben screamed that Peter had no idea what life was like for him, before going on the attack and almost drowning Peter. When Peter revealed this to Kathy, she told him that Ben had moved in with Phil – and Peter realised that she was behind Ben's release. In a heart-to-heart with Dana, Peter explained that there was nothing left for him in Walford, so he was leaving.

Kathy desperately tried to persuade him to stay, but Bobby made no such attempt and Peter headed off without looking back. Will he be back again one day?

Actor Hudson took over the role of Peter in 2020, with the character previously played by Ben Hardy from 2013-2015.

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