As Stacey is electrocuted, EastEnders star Lacey Turner reveals real-life electric-shock drama

"The electrician told me that if I hadn't have had my flip flops on, then I might not be here today"

Art will mirror life next week when Stacey Branning suffers a severe electric shock in next week’s episodes of EastEnders. Because it seems that actress Lacey Turner was drawing upon her own experiences when she filmed the pivotal scenes.


“I was in South Africa [filming Our Girl] at the time. I went to take the plug out of the TV and my hand got stuck to the thing. It felt like ages and I could feel the electricity go up my arm and then it was really itchy for the rest of the day,” says Turner. “The electrician told me that if I hadn’t have had my flip flops on, then I might not be here today. It did freak me out. I didn’t even bother turning the TV on after that. I watched my iPad instead.”

Turner may have avoided hospitalisation following the ordeal, but pregnant Stacey is not so lucky during her Halloween-night shock. On the topic of how the accident happens, Turner says:

“There’s a faulty plug at Stacey’s flat and she asks Lee Carter to come round and have a look at it. But he leaves the front of the socket off. During the Halloween party, Stacey goes to plug in her music for Fatboy and boom! Let’s just say that my hair was very big that night!”

In the wake of the electrocution, Stacey is knocked unconscious. But when she comes round, her obvious fear is for the welfare of her unborn child, who she can no longer feel moving.

“Stacey is in a bit of a panic. She goes to the hospital straight away, accompanied by Shabnam. And that situation is difficult because Shabnam has just lost a baby, so there are a lot of bad memories associated with being at the hospital that she’d rather not recall.”

All of which looks set to turn Halloween 2015 into a real nightmare for all concerned. What starts out as a romantic evening during which Martin Fowler is set to propose ends with the object of his affection in a A&E bed. So does what happens bode ill for the pair’s relationship?

“Well, you do get fans who want her to be with Kush,” admits the actress, referring to the on-off flirtations between Stacey and Shabnam’s fiancé. “But I want her to be with Martin. He’s safe and he’s funny. I think he’ll make her happy. But I’m sure it won’t stay that way. It never does! Just as you get used to someone, along comes somebody else.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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