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David stabs Josh in Coronation Street prison riot? "I don't even know if he's done it" says Jack P Shepherd

Fans - and cast - are in the dark over attack twist

coronation street david platt josh tucker
Published: Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at 7:00 am

Coronation Street is making the most of their prison set thanks to David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and his incarceration for fraud.


As part of a blockbuster week on the cobbles beginning on Monday 21st October, the barbed barber's time behind bars becomes even more challenging as he's faced with rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) who has been imprisoned for a similar assault on someone else.

When a riot breaks out in the jail, David is egged on by his fellow inmates to take revenge on Josh, leading to a tense stand-off between the blokes as David brandishes a pair of scissors at his tormentor and makes a terrifying threat… Could he soon be looking at a murder charge?

"David is due to be getting out soon so he just wants to keep his head down," says Coronation Street's Shepherd. "Then he gets friendly with these inmates Abe and Tez, who get it out of him he was raped by Josh. They say they'll stage a riot and that will be David's chance to get revenge, they'll bring Josh to him and there won't be any witnesses.

coronation street david platt

"Despite knowing he should keep a low profile David ends up getting swept away with it, and when Abe hands him the scissors and he's presented with Josh I think he's capable of anything…"

Mystery then surrounds what actually happens next, as news spreads of an attack on Josh during the riot, with David denying all knowledge. Footage emerges that shows Josh collapsing from a stab wound with David in close proximity - so did he do it?

Does Shona believe David tried to kill Josh?

"As a viewer you won't know whether he's done it or not," explains the actor. "When we filmed the scenes I didn't even know! The scripts don't give a clear indication which made it interesting to play. David is unpredictable. He's saying it wasn't him, it was someone else, but he doesn't know who…"

Fiancée Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) doubts her other half's protestations of innocence, driving a wedge between the couple – which may be laying the groundwork for her upcoming departure to accommodate actress Julia Goulding's maternity leave.

coronation street josh tucker attack

"She's not sure if she can believe David, and he understands why she might have her doubts. All he can do is put across his side of the story but it doesn't look good. No one knows if David is telling the truth."

As well as David and Josh's jail house shock, Corrie's big week also focuses on Sinead Osbourne's tragic death, with an extra episode thrown in on Thursday 24th October in addition to the usual triple double bills on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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