Coronation Street’s tragic suicide victim revealed to be Lara Cutler

But is Bethany still in danger from Nathan's cohort Mel?


Coronation Street has tonight revealed that Lara Cutler – a 14-year-old victim of Nathan Curtis’s sexual exploitation ring – has taken her own life.


The first part of Monday’s double bill saw Special officer Craig relay the information that Lara had thrown herself in front of a train.

The ITV soap had already revealed that a body was to be found in tonight’s episode, but a question mark remained over the person’s identity.

Corrie fans had been worried that Bethany was to be the one to lose her life during a showdown with Nathan’s cohort Mel.

A recent promo even saw Craig fretting after being shown a necklace that was found at the scene, jewellery that he recognised as belonging to Bethany.

Lara Cutler (Niamh Blackshaw) with Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) on Coronation Street
Lara Cutler (Niamh Blackshaw) with Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) on Coronation Street

What viewers knew, though, was that Nathan had a habit of presenting each of the girls he was abusing with the same necklace.

Whether the tragic development will make Mel think twice about her plan to keep Bethany away from the trial remains to be seen.

But Coronation Street devotees won’t have long to wait to find out: the soap returns for its second Monday episode at 8.30pm.

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