Coronation Street: will Anna get arrested following Faye’s call to the police?

Will the beleaguered Anna be charged with GBH?


Life will go from bad to worse for Coronation Street’s Anna Windass when she’s arrested on suspicion of GBH later this week.


Phelan’s plan to incriminate Anna looks set to work when the police put her in handcuffs after investigating young Seb’s fall from a ladder.

In Monday’s double bill, Corrie fans saw Pat visit Seb in hospital and drip poison in his ear, telling him that Anna pushed him off the ladder in an attempt to kill him.

And when Seb repeated all this to Faye, she ended up dobbing her mum in to the police.


When we return to the Street on Wednesday, investigating officers call at No 13 and question Anna about the allegations, she swears that she’s innocent, adamant Seb fell from his ladder and that she came to his rescue.

The police, though, are disbelieving – and when a sweep of the solicitors’ office (from where Seb fell) leads to a discovery of Anna’s earring by the window, the beleaguered café worker finds herself in handcuffs.

With actress Debbie Rush having already announced her departure from Coronation Street, could this be how Anna departs Weatherfield?

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