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Coronation Street reveals who really wrote the letter from Todd Grimshaw

Why did he dump his phone by the canal?

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Published: Friday, 21st August 2020 at 7:55 pm

Soap fans know Todd Grimshaw is on his way back to Weatherfield soon with Gareth Pierce replacing Bruno Langley in the role, but the character's comeback is already full of intrigue as it transpires a bag of his possessions was abandoned by a canal and he had nothing to do with the recent letter to his mum begging for money.


Friday 21st August's episode of Coronation Street confirmed Todd had not actually got in touch three years after going on the run for assaulting a cop, and the sudden flurry of notes and texts were in fact sent by a young girl on the take who found Mr Grimshaw's belongings dumped in a bag.

The scamming kid ran off before Billy Mayhew, Sean Tully and Mary Taylor - who had arranged to meet 'Todd' under the ruse of giving him cash - could get her to spill more info on where exactly she spied Todd's stuff, and what else she might know of his whereabouts.

However, she clearly had no idea who Todd was and simply scrolled through his stolen phone for clues as to how she could earn a quick buck. This means the search for the disgraced solicitor has hit a dead end.

Fearful something serious may have happened to their old mate as the mystery of his disappearance deepens, Billy and Sean report him as a missing person to the police next week.

Gareth Pierce Corrie Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street

While the locals wonder if Eileen's errant son could be dead and floating down the canal, a troubling theory exacerbated by the discovery of a body, viewers are waiting for him to rock up in the flesh - looking slightly different - and explaining what mess he has gotten himself into.

Todd is already lying low after kidnapping foster daughter Summer Spellman when Billy was arrested for a historic robbery in 2017. We later learnt the unpredictable legal eagle punched a police officer when the authorities caught up with them, and he sent the schoolgirl home before vanishing altogether.

What has caused Todd, almost three years later, to end up in such a mess it appears as if he's either taken his own life or been bumped off?

Pierce, star of The Archers and Stella, makes his debut in the part later this autumn.


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