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Coronation Street spoilers: Will Callum get custody of Max? Sean Ward interview

Is David Platt about to lose the lad he's come to look upon as his own son?

Published: Tuesday, 20th January 2015 at 2:15 am

Is David Platt going to be forced to fight for his rights? It certainly seems that way after he realises that he has no parental rights over Max and that Callum could take him away at a moment’s notice.


And when it seems that Callum is further insinuating himself into young Max's life, David is left feeling distinctly uneasy. Is Callum about to go for custody? And is he fit to be a father? Actor Sean Ward tells us more...

How does Callum react when David turns up at the pub asking if he’s seen Kylie?
It’s fun and games to Callum. He has no idea where Kylie is - he has no clue at all, but he’s not going to let David know that. He loves winding him up. He’s going to insinuate the worst. He tells David that he and Kylie spent Christmas night together even though they didn’t, and he thanks him for keeping Kylie ‘warm’ for him. He’s going to drive the nail into David further and further, even though he has no idea where she is.

What is his motive for winding David up? Does he just relish the game or is there more to it?
It’s a bit of both - it is a game, because everything is a game to Callum. But there’s also a lot of jealousy there. Callum is, on the inside, jealous, that David has had this amazing life and marriage with Kylie - the only woman he’s ever loved, and David’s had her for the past few years. There’s a part of Callum that can’t stand that and he just wants to ruin it for David now. He doesn’t want him to have Kylie and he’s out to change the game.

Is he worried about Kylie?
When he’s on his own he is very worried about where she is and what she’s doing. And he thinks about whether he’s done the right thing by luring her back to her old life and taking her up that path. That’s all on Callum’s shoulders, so deep down he will feel some form of guilt about that. And he 100 per cent wants her back.

Callum caused Kylie and David to split. Is Callum pleased for being the reason behind tearing them apart and Kylie doing a disappearing act?
He feels like he’s one step closer to destroying this life that she thought was perfect for her - and that’s what Callum wanted to do. That’s all part of his plan in winning her back. Callum hasn’t had any indication from Kylie that she wants to get back with him so every time something like this happens he feels like he’s one step closer to reaching her. It’s stage one of his game plan achieved. He does take solace in the fact that he’s put an end to this family life she’s had since she left Callum.

Is he serious when he threatens David that he will tell Max who he really is?
Yeah, I think he’s really serious about it, but he thinks very carefully about when would be best to go through with it because it’s proving to be a great blackmailing tool and he really has David over a barrel with it. Callum knows he can put David in his pocket by using this against him.

What prompts Callum to talk to Max outside the cafe? 
He’s intrigued by his son and also he knows that it will get back to David that he was talking to Max, so he wants to put the frighteners on him. But there’s also another draw when he sees Katy talking to Max as well. He sees this beautiful girl, who happens to know Max, so it’s the cherry on the cake for Callum. It’s two boxes ticked. He wants as many ins as he can get, so when he finds Katy he seizes the opportunity.

Do you think he genuinely wants to get to know Max now
He’s still getting to know Max and each time he sees him he gets a little bit closer to actually wanting to get to know his son. I think he slowly starts to see himself in Max and vice versa and Max really seems to look up to Callum. He sees him as the cool guy that brings him cool presents and doesn’t tell him off and drives a nice car. Callum’s never felt adored before and he’s not had that family love before so his paternal instincts will kick in.

How does Callum feel about the fact that David, another man, has brought up his son for the past few years? 
I think it does make him a little jealous, but he can’t deny that David has done a very, very good job with Max. But Callum is then also intrigued when he hears Max calling David ‘David’, and not Dad. He then realises that the ‘dad’ spot is still open and he can use that against David.

Are we going to see a softer side to Callum? 
Possibly...whether that’s through Max or through some trouble that Kylie ends up in, I don’t know. I think if either of them were found to be in danger you’d see Callum step up to the mark and it would hurt him if anything happened to either of them.

Does Callum have the capacity to provide a family home and family life with Max and Kylie?
Not right now, but maybe one day in the future. He has just come out of prison, he’s dealing, he’s destroyed Kylie’s world, so I don’t think she will forgive him any time soon. He’s got a long way to go before he’s a reformed character. He’s still a tearaway but if he’s got any chance of putting up a good case to become Max’s dad then he would have to really sort himself out.

And how have you found the storyline since Kylie’s departure? 
It’s been great, I’ve got to work with different people on the Street as well which has been good. Working with Jack P Shepherd has been amazing - he’s an incredible actor. He works so hard and he’s always in work, he never stops and it’s hard graft. I’ve also been working with Georgia May Foote and she made me feel very relaxed.


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