Coronation Street spoilers: Christmas and New Year in 60 seconds

22 Dec-2 Jan: Roy loses his temper in dramatic style, Kylie does a vanishing act and Steve overspends massively

Why does Gary come a cropper? How come Steve is splashing out at the Rovers? And what will be the consequences after Callum makes his presence felt at the Platt house?


Well, Kylie’s past definitely shatters Christmas present after her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend introduces himself to David. Prepare for fisticuffs in the front room as the full extent of Kylie’s deception is exposed.

Steve pulls out all the stops at the pub in order to mask his misery, but Andrea’s discovery of his guilty secret leads to a confrontation. And Roy will end up in a police cell after he attacks Gary with a cricket bat. Just to think, a year ago he was building snowmen with Hayley.


Watch below for your 60-second rundown of all the drama in Coronation Street over both Christmas and New Year: