Coronation Street: Kate and Rana’s desperate new plan is revealed – watch the preview scene

There's big drama this week for #Kana fans

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An anguished Rana will go to desperate lengths to see her dying dad on this Friday’s Coronation Street when she pretends that she and Kate have split up. In this new sneak-peek scene, Kate can be seen suggesting to her partner that they claim to have ended their relationship so that Rana can be at the hospital bedside of her ailing father.

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Although Rana seems initially reluctant to agree to Kate’s idea, she eventually agrees and gets the chance to see Hassan in scenes to be shown this Friday. Rana will be seen telling her dad that she’s seen the error of her ways before he squeezes her hand and passes away.

Rana is then left wracked with guilt that she lied to her father on his deathbed and distraught that he was never able to accept her for who she was. So could this family bereavement end up having an impact on Rana’s relationship with Kate?


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