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5 ways Geoff Metcalfe will be caught out on Coronation Street

The clues are there...

coronation street geoff
Published: Wednesday, 13th May 2020 at 8:00 pm

Coronation Street fans are desperately hoping evil abuser Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) will be caught out for his terrible abuse of Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King).


He has been tormenting her for well over a year and the awful abuse culminated in a dramatic showdown last month which saw Yasmeen stab Geoff with a bottle in the neck.

As he recovers in hospital, viewers watched as Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) went to her grandmother's house and changed the locks to keep evil Geoff out.

But was this a big clue as to how Geoff will be caught? We look at all the clues leading up to the promised comeuppance.

Geoff's cameras hold the secret

Coronation Street Geoff and Yasmeen

Bear with us on this one. Tonight (13th May), Alya changed the locks on the doors, to keep Geoff out. But what she's really done, is stop Geoff from getting all of his film cameras... Previously on Coronation Street, the creepy abuser rigged her house full of cameras to keep a very close eye on her. Now that Geoff doesn't have access to his house, he doesn't have access to the cameras. But who does? Well, Alya, who is currently doing her best to prove that Geoff was a tyrant... All she needs to do is go digging, hurry up Alya!

Suspicious Sally

Coronation Street, Sally Metcalfe, Gina Seddon

Throughout the previous couple of weeks on Coronation Street, nosy neighbour Sally has been keeping her beady eye on her parents-in-law. Only recently, she was aghast at Geoff burning something (we know it was Yasmeen's suitcase), and was partially concerned about the contents of the pit, but more concerned about her laundry on the line. But has she worked out there's more to it than meets the eye? She seemed to be looking quite concerned when she spotted Yasmeen looking forlornly at the burning bin, but will she work out there's more to it than meets the eye?

Eileen's got her eye on Geoff

Coronation street eileen grimshaw

The night of Yasmeen's attack on Geoff, they had a big row in the Rover's Return, which involved everyone getting a bit embarrassed about the revealing dress Yas was wearing. She stormed off with Geoff after he claimed his wife was showing him up - of course, she wasn't - and the moment was spotted by Eileen, who was wandering over to the pub herself. What she saw was an awkward argument, but if she needs to cast her mind back, she would have heard Yasmeen pleading for forgiveness. Certainly unlikely behaviour for someone as respectable and proud as Yas, indeed...

Cathy knows best


If there's one person who knows Yasmeen the best, it's her good friend, Cathy. The pair's relationship is strained at the moment on account of Geoff turning them away from each other to isolate his wife. But Cathy must surely clock her gentle friend would never have done such a violent thing to her partner? What's more, Cathy had her suspicions about Geoff previously, but will she return to them?

Geoff will dig his own grave

coronation street geoff

If there's one thing Geoff has been throughout all of this, it's clever and manipulative. The vindictive abuser has constantly kept his lies in check and his story in one, linear narrative. But now he's going around calling his old wives drunk and abusive, will someone notice a trend in his previous lovers and smell a rat?

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