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Will Coronation Street's Faye and Emma be caught after Ted's death?

Two unlikely girls are caught in a tangle.

Published: Wednesday, 5th January 2022 at 1:11 pm

There's set to be more tension for Faye Windass (played by Ellie Leach) and Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) after their nightmarish New Year on Coronation Street.


On New Year's Day, Emma took Faye out for a driving lesson, but she admitted she was 'probably still drunk' and was feeling a little worse for wear.

Their problems soon escalated when Faye accidentally knocked over pensioner Ted, crushing his beloved biscuits along the way.

The girls helped him back to his flat where he was pretty insistent that he didn't want to go to hospital.

Emma in particular bonded with Ted, and once they left him she was pretty cut up and insisted that they go and take him a present.

When they got there, they discovered his lifeless body, and it wasn't long before the panic set in.

Faye, who couldn't face another stint in prison for this tragic accident, begged Emma to keep calm and remove all trace of them being in his flat (or around Ted at all) leaving him dead in his flat for someone else to find him.

However, poor Emma was torn up with guilt and made an anonymous - for the moment, at least - tip-off to the police about Ted.

But in the coming weeks, it looks as though Emma and Faye's tragic accident will creep up on them as the crutch Emma left in the car comes back to haunt them.

Will Faye and Emma be caught after Ted's death in Coronation Street?

Faye Windass and Emma Brooker speak with Ted after the accident

Faye Windass and Emma Brooker spoke with Ted after the accident

When Craig gets a sprained ankle, Tyrone offers him Ted's crutch - and Emma is completely horrified to see the police officer with his hands on an incriminating piece of evidence.

Craig, who's wired into the suspicious death, spots Ted's initials on the crutch... but will he put two and two together?

The soap's producer Iain MacLeod said in our Coronation Street 2022 preview that Ted's accident will prompt "serious consequences" for Emma and Faye.

He said: “It’s not their fault but it becomes this terrible life-changing event that throws them into a total nightmare of secrecy, dilemmas and a cover-up. These two likeable, decent but hapless young women are miles out of their depth and there are serious consequences.


"The decisions they make only add to the nightmare! It’s a brilliant story, actually quite funny and quirky in places, that cements and challenges a new friendship between the characters.”

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