Coronation Street: David reports rapist Josh to the police – watch the emotional scene

See the moment that David reveals what happened to him to an investigating officer

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Coronation Street has released a brand-new clip showing the moment that David Platt reports mechanic Josh Tucker for rape. Traumatised David will decide to head to the police station in the episode to be shown on Tuesday 29 May, but you can get a first-look at the emotional moment right here first.


The upcoming drama sees David bravely facing up to his ordeal after meeting Dec, another of Josh’s victims who also feels too ashamed to tell the police about what he’s been through.

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Later on, David overhears Johnny Connor discussing Aidan’s tragic suicide and how he wished he’d talked to someone instead of bottling everything up. It’s at this moment that David decides to speak out to the police – a move that will result in the predatory Josh getting arrested.

Speaking recently about the plotline, actor Jack P Shepherd said: “Even though David is very extreme in his behaviour sometimes, no one knew what Aidan was dealing with in the same way that no one really knows what David is dealing with, apart from now Shona.

“We have David at his lowest ebb but he realises that he wants to live, he wants to fight these feelings. He can’t move on until he opens up and for Josh to get punished he has to talk.”

On how David feels at the moment he goes to the police, Shepherd added: “It’s what he has been afraid of since the start but everything changed the moment he told Shona and she believed him. But after hearing Johnny, he knows talking about it is the only way to move forward.”


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