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WandaVision to set up Doctor Strange 2 as Marvel series kickstarts "TV dynasty" of shows connected to MCU

The new series is inspired by mid-century style sitcoms like The Dick Van Dyke show

Published: Wednesday, 11th November 2020 at 10:51 am

Marvel chief Kevin Feige has confirmed that the upcoming series WandaVision will directly set up Doctor Strange 2.


The show stars Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen reprising their MCU roles as Vision and Scarlet Witch respectively, and Olsen's character will play a key role alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, according to Feige.

And the intention for Marvel is that this show is just the first of many to tie directly into the films, with the plan for it to kickstart a "long-running TV dynasty".

Seven other TV projects are already currently in development, each of which connects an upcoming or past film.

But although the shows will be especially rewarding for fans of the film franchise, Feige reckons WandaVision could be just as appealing for viewers who haven't seen any of the 23 MCU movies.

Speaking about the show – which is heavily inspired by mid-century black and white sitcoms, Feige told Entertainment Weekly, "If you haven’t seen any of them and just want to step into this weird thing because you love The Dick Van Dyke Show, it’s going to work."

He added, "But if you’ve been tracking the 23 movies we’ve made and following along the stories into Phase Four, there’ll be a wealth of rewards waiting for you as it all unfolds."

The series is set after the seismic events of Avengers: Endgame, with Vision and Scarlet Witch spending their married life in the idyllic town Westview, having pledged to put their powers to one side.

However, along the way, as the show focuses on various tropes of TV, it soon transpires that their existence isn't quite as peaceful as they'd hoped for.

Bettany and Olsen are joined in the cast by several new faces, including Kathryn Hahn as their nosy neighbour and Teyonnah Parris as a grown-up Monica Rambeau – a character seen as a girl in Captain Marvel.


WandaVision will stream on Disney+ in December. Check out our lists of the best shows on Disney+ and the best movies on Disney+ or see what else is what with our TV Guide.


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