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The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes will die says creator Robert Kirkman

The writer also confirmed a crossover between The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear The Walking Dead

Rick in The Walking Dead
Published: Sunday, 8th October 2017 at 11:03 am

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Rick Grimes will die at some point in the future, and that there will be a character crossover between the AMC show and its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.


Speaking at Comic-Con in New York, the writer revealed that a character from either The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead would appear in the other's show, although refused to confirm who.

"There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name," he told the panel. "This is a huge event in the world of The Walking Dead."

Kirkman also said that the crossover would most likely occur within the next year.

He also confirmed Grimes' fate - although added that his death could happen "any time between now and 50 years from now".

"No-one is safe," he added of the character played by Andrew Lincoln. "Hopefully there have been points where you go, 'Is this it? Is this where Rick dies?' And he doesn't. One day, the moment will come where you go, 'Oh my god, it is!' It could happen any time between now and 50 years from now."


The Walking Dead season 8 will air on Fox in the UK on October 23 and Fear the Walking Dead airs Mondays at 9pm on AMC on BT TV.


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