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When is The Society season 2 released on Netflix? Cast, plot and season 1 ending explained

Everything you need to know about the teen sci-fi drama

Published: Friday, 3rd April 2020 at 12:08 pm

Netflix's dystopian teen drama The Society has gone down a storm since its release in May 2019.


The series follows a group of teens who are forced to learn to run a town by themselves when all of the adults disappear.

Find out everything we know about it below - scroll down for season 2 news, ending explained and spoilers.

Has The Society been renewed for season 2?

Yes! The cast announced via Netflix's See What's Next Twitter account that they will be returning for another set of episodes in 2020. Watch the announcement below.

The news was hardly a surprise - the end of season one (no spoilers) left a lot of loose ends to be tied up. And the show definitely struck a chord with audiences - The Society was the third most-watched TV series on Netflix UK in the second week of its release, behind Riverdale and Dead to Me. Not bad for a new show...

When is The Society season 2 released on Netflix?

No exact release date has been announced yet - all we know is that it's coming in 2020. All ten episodes of season one were released on 10th May 2019, so here's hoping it'll be around the same time.

Who is in the cast of The Society?

Rachel Keller (Legion) and Detective Pikachu's Katherine Newton lead the cast as sisters Cassandra and Allie Pressman, respectively.

The Society
The Society

Jacques Colimon plays Allie's best friend Will, Alex Fitzalan plays Harry Bingham, the wealthy son of the town's mayor and Toby Wallace stars as Campbell Eliot, Allie's psychopathic cousin. Also in the cast are Alexander MacNicoll (Luke), Gideon Adlon (Becca Gelb), Sean Berdy (Sam Eliot), Jack Mulhern (Grizz), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena), Olivia DeJonge (Elle Tomkins) and Kristine Froseth (Kelly Aldrich).

And in April 2020 it was announced that Olivia Nikkanen, who plays Gwen on the show, has been upped to series regular.

What is The Society about?

The series centres around a group of teens in the fictional New England town of West Ham (sadly no connection to The Irons of East London), who must create their own makeshift society after they return from a school trip to discover that every adult living there has disappeared. It's like Lord of the Flies meets The OC with a pinch of Black Mirror. What could go wrong?

Is there a trailer for The Society?

Yes! Check the season one trailer out below.

*Warning: Spoilers*

The Society ending explained

There was quite a bit of unfinished business at the end of The Society. Here's a quickfire rundown of those cliffhangers and how we left things:

Campbell, Harry, and Lexie take the town leadership from Allie leaving her locked in a room with Will. Both are handcuffed to a radiator then walked before their peers.

Becca has her baby, Grizz and friends find somewhere to grow their food.

Then we're back in West Ham - the first time since the beginning of the show. Allie's mum Amanda is reading from Peter Pan, but we notice that the passage she's reading sounds a lot darker in light of the events of season one.

The group is wearing yellow ribbons, the sign of hope. Plus Gordie points out that the star Betelgeuse is off place - he gives a full explanation of why he thinks this is, before saying he thinks that the Earth they're on isn't their own, but a parallel universe. Allie and the rest are trapped in the wrong universe.

So now we're left wondering what was that smell hanging over the town? Is it linked to when things went wrong? Was that mystery man behind the kids' disappearance?

Who shot Cassandra in The Society?

Episode three sees Cassandra get shot by a mystery assailant. Allie begins investigating the killing.

Then in episode five, The Guard searches people's homes, confiscating guns, and discovering that Dewey has the same gun that matches the bullets used. Dewey is sentenced to death, is killed by the Guard and Allie.

While Dewey takes the fall for Cassandra's death there's plenty to make us suspicious that that's actually the case.

Firstly, the dog. The dog appeared when Cassandra was shot, then again in the finale in West Ham where the parents are still living. The dog, which seems to have no owner, is a weird anomaly. Should it be dead? Is it a different one? Will it come up again in season two?

One theory is that it is linked to the bus driver and is a sign he can switch between parallel universes at will. Did he kill Cassandra?

Dewey also shouts "they planted it" when they discover the fun - his alibi is taken apart though when Harry reveals that Dewey confessed.


Dewey does indicate he hated Cassandra but did it end in her death?


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