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Does New Mutants have a post-credits scene?

Director Josh Boone had two different ideas for secret stings after the credits that were scrapped – so he did something else instead.

New Mutants
Published: Friday, 28th August 2020 at 1:35 pm

Is there a secret post-credits scene in The New Mutants? After years of waiting for Josh Boone’s coming-of-age/horror/superhero movie, fans may be eager to see what secrets lie within – but sadly, in this case, there’s nothing waiting after the credits roll.


"I can't give you a post-credit scene because I had to scrap it because then it would entail that there was another movie,” director Boone told, permanently dashing the hopes of any fans who might have hung around after the film finished.

And in a different world, they might have had a scene worth waiting for. You see, while The New Mutants was originally planned to be the first in a trilogy and tie into the main X-Men movies, behind-the-scenes delays and the Disney/Fox merger meant that these plans were scrapped, with director Boone reportedly having to drop a planned teaser that would have introduced Jon Hamm as classic X-Men villain Mr Sinister.

Later, there was a rumoured attempt to bring in Antonio Banderas in Hamm’s place for another A-list post-credits cameo, with the Mask of Zorro star in the frame to play the father of New Mutants character Roberto DaCosta (played by Henry Zaga in the film). This, too, ended up not happening, with any and all hints at future films in the series carefully removed by the production team.

“For New Mutants, I just made sure that I took out this stuff that made it seem like we were setting up an X-Men franchise,” Boone told Total Film.

Still, that doesn’t mean fans don’t have anything to look forward to in lieu of post-credits scenes after the main film finishes, with Boone working to include a special treat for fans after the action.

"I did something better [than a post-credits scene]," Boone told, revealing he’d enlisted original New Mutants comic-book artist Bill Sienkiewicz to create new and exclusive artwork for the film’s credits.

“What I did is we had Bill Sienkiewicz, we had Bill come and he did illustrations of everybody for the end credits,” Boone explained.

“So, like when it says Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill did a brand new thing behind her. You'll see a bunch of his artwork sort of represented during the end titles, which I hope will be good for fans."

In other words, there will still be one fun little Easter ggg for fans to wait around for even if it isn’t a full-blown tease for The New Mutants 2. Who needs Jon Hamm in white make-up anyway?


The New Mutants is in UK cinemas from Saturday 29th August. Want to find something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide


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