Mark Gatiss hints at second series of Dracula: “It’s very hard to kill a vampire”

Exclusive: The latest take on Bram Stoker's masterpiece hasn't aired yet, but there are already rumblings of a possible second series

Dracula - episode 1

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s small screen adaptation of Dracula might not yet have hit screens, but there’s already rumblings of a possible second series.


Gatiss has fuelled speculation of a follow up to the three-part series, which recently finished filming after a seven-month shoot.

“It’s very hard to kill a vampire,” he teased when asked by about the chances of another run.

“Do you know what I mean? What they do is resurrect.”

Of course, there is no guarantee that a second season will be developed or green lit, but Gatiss’ comments definitely seem to suggest that the possibility hasn’t been ruled out – then again, given that Bram Stoker’s novel famously ends with Dracula crumbling to dust, any second series might hint at a departure from the source material.

And indeed, star Claes Bang has already hinted that the show will go in directions not explored in the novel.

He told “It is very loyal and true to the novel, and then there is stuff in here that really strays. In a really cool way. And gives you that new take on Dracula.

“Why do one more of those that we already have? They’ve done them brilliantly before. So, we needed something else and something new, and that’s happened here.”

An air date for Dracula has not yet been announced – but rumours suggest that it could be scheduled for a Sunday evening slot most likely in early 2020.

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Dracula is coming soon to BBC One