Aquaman does Aqua: watch Jason Momoa’s dramatic reading of ‘Barbie Girl’

The Protector of the Deep turns Euro-pop into something much more intense

Jason Momoa, star of Aquaman

You may know that Jason Momoa plays Aquaman in Warner Bros’ DC universe – but did you know he’s also a bit of an Aqua-Man when the cameras stop rolling?


That’s what we discovered when we asked whether the former Game of Thrones star could attempt a dramatic retelling of Barbie Girl, the hit single by Aqua which includes the legendary lyrics including “touch me everywhere” and “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.”

Watch the video below

When combined with a little dramatic music and framing, it’s fair to say that Jason carried out our challenge with aplomb, as you can see in the video above. Though sometimes, the eye contact is a little too arresting.

Frankly, we’ll never look at the Aquaman movies, or the songs of Aqua, in quite the same way again…


Aquaman is in UK cinemas now