Doctor Who trailer reveals Peter Capaldi’s new Tardis library

The 12th Doctor has installed some shelves and is planning on catching up on his reading...

The Tardis hasn’t changed drastically since Matt Smith handed the keys over to Peter Capaldi – after all, it’s only 18 months or so since the retro redesign was first unveiled (and in the life of a Time Lord that’s a mere blink of the eye).


Then again, any new Doctor has to assert his taste and personality and, after trading his predecessor’s bow-tie and frock coat for some classic tailoring, it looks like the 12th Doctor has also been doing a bit of redecorating.

The new trailer for Capaldi’s debut series gives us a brief glimpse of what the new Doctor’s been up to, and among the DIY it looks as if he’s installed some floor to ceiling bookshelves and basically turned the Tardis console room into a library (take a look, in the background, below).


Does this point to a more literary-minded Doctor? Or just one with an old-fashioned asthetic? We’ll have to wait until 23 August to find out, when a new chapter of Doctor Who begins…