See how special effects brought Doctor Who series 10 to life

It's fascinating wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!

Doctor Who Bill Shot

Ever wondered how some of the most spectacular Doctor Who scenes and creatures come to life on the screen?


Well, you’re in luck, because special effects studio Milk is sharing the secrets of series 10 in an impressive new video breakdown.

From the massive monster lurking beneath the Thames to post-apocalyptic Cybermen scenes, those curious creatures who scuttled through the wood in The Landlord’s student accommodation to the landscape of Mars, there are a whole host of visual treats on show.

Remember that hole in Bill’s stomach? Well, they’ll even show you how they made that.

The gorgeous reel will give you a fascinating lesson in digital special effects and probably make you appreciate those incredible scenes even more when you watch them again.

Or perhaps offer much needed insight for those who’ve always watched any sci-fi series and wondered exactly how it all comes together.

Watch the full video on Milk’s Vimeo page right here.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas