Could Billie Piper really be returning to Doctor Who?

The artist formerly known as Rose Tyler is teasing a big announcement and optimistic fans are hoping they know what it is...

Billie Piper and Camille Coduri as Rose and Jackie

Billie Piper has some news to share – and Doctor Who fans want it to be one thing and one thing only…


The speculation began with a rumour spread by an unknown Twitter account. But after initially disregarding it, one fan, who runs a Doctor Who podcast, apparently received the same information from a different source and began to take a bit more notice.

A bit of digging later, and articles are unearthed suggesting that Piper has been in talks with Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall to appear in the upcoming series 12.

A leaked set photo apparently features a script in one corner, and – according to people with better eyes than ours – that script features the word “Rose’s”.

Meanwhile, other fans hear other rumours and start speculating further…

…more wildly and frantically…

…although some have their doubts., meanwhile, has had contact with a source close to Billie and it turns out an announcement is indeed on its way.

So, is Billie Piper returning to Doctor Who?

At this stage, we don’t know exactly what the big reveal is going to be but, unfortunately, we suspect Doctor Who fans may be disappointed if they think it’s a comeback for Rose Tyler.

However, it looks like we may now know when it’s going to happen, after Billie posted this very suggestive tweet.


Set your alarms for 7:30pm…