The latest season of Netflix’s zombie horror Black Summer dropped on the streaming platform earlier this month and finally answered the (many) questions left at the end of season one. The end of season two, though, once more left us in the dark about the fate of our favourite characters.


The finale saw Sun boarding the plane which had been airdropping supplies throughout the second season and Rose pushing her daughter Anna to join Sun, only for Anna to return to try and save her mother from near-death, or a worse fate.

We’re already curious about who is making it through to the next season and who the show will focus on. Until then, here’s all the information available so far about Black Summer season three.

Will there be a season 3 of Black Summer on Netflix?

The second season launched on Netflix in June but already we’re wondering when season three will be announced.

Unfortunately, there is no news as of yet, but given that show left viewers with two huge cliffhangers, it seems likely that a third season is surely on the horizon.

Who could be in the cast of a potential third season?

Many of the characters were left in a precarious state at the end of season two, Jaime King’s character Rose being one of them. She’s still alive at the end of the finale but the show has never been sentimental about its characters. Anna, Rose’s daughter played by Zoe Martlett, could take centre stage if Rose is killed off.

Sun, played by Christine Lee, is surely playing a pivotal role in season three. Having boarded the plane, neither Sun nor the viewers know where she is going. On the ground, having faced a stand-off against Rose, the formidable Ray Nazeri (Bobby Naderi) is in similarly bad shape, and his fate is left hanging in the balance.

Is there a Black Summer season 3 trailer?

We are unlikely to see a season three trailer for quite a while, given that the second season has only just dropped on Netflix, but we will be updating this page regularly with all the latest information so stay tuned!

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Lance, played by Kelsey Flower, was a regular in season one. A survivor with no family left, Lance was most often found running from zombies and making questionable choices in his effort to survive.

When we left him in season one, he was running from a pack of zombies. Cut to season two, Lance is still alive and siphoning gas into his car. He lets a pregnant woman inside and he is shot in the neck by another man. The co-conspirators drive away in his car but crash. The last we saw of a zombified Lance, he was chasing his murderer in what appeared to be the tragic end to his character arc.


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