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When is The Mallorca Files season 2 on TV?

The sunny buddy-cop series is returning for a second season.

The Mallorca Files
Published: Thursday, 7th January 2021 at 2:20 pm

Sun-drenched daytime crime drama The Mallorca Files is returning to our screens for a much-anticipated second season, starting this February.


The international buddy-cop drama series has proved a hit with viewers, and was recommissioned for a second season in December 2019.

And although filming for the series was disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show is now back with six more episodes full of crime and intrigue.

Read on for everything you need to know about The Mallorca Files season two.

When is The Mallorca Files season 2 on TV?

The Mallorca Files season two will air in the UK from 1st February 2021 at 1.45pm on BBC One.

It continues on weekdays on BBC One, with the final episode on 8th February at 2.15pm.

A repeat of season one (all ten episodes) will then air on BBC One in the same slot on weekdays.

How many episodes of The Mallorca Files are there?

Season two consists of just six episodes, instead of the expected ten.

In a statement, the team behind the show explained: "It will come as no surprise that - like many other productions - filming of season two of The Mallorca Files was curtailed due to Covid-19... production on The Mallorca Files was shut down in March in the hope that the team would be able to restart production later in the year."

As the pandemic continued, that hope became unrealistic – and so the producers took the "difficult decision" to drop plans to film the remaining episodes of season two. However, "Fortunately, by the time the island went into lockdown, six episodes of The Mallorca Files were already in the can and as each episode of the show is self-contained, it has meant production could deliver a second series as promised, albeit truncated."

What is The Mallorca Files about?

The Mallorca Files Miranda and Max

Described by our critic as a "hidden gem," The Mallorca Files is a feel-good daytime hit written by Good Karma Hospital's Dan Sefton, and it follows the 'unlikely duo' of uptight British detective, Miranda Blake, and a laid-back German policeman, Max Winter.

The two contrasting personalities are unexpectedly paired together, and end up solving crimes against a sunny Spanish backdrop (not to mention a simmering undercurrent of sexual tension).

Speaking to, Sefton previously said: "With this, The Mallorca Files, it's getting into the spirit of the genre. It's a buddy cop show in the sun! There are funny bits in it, and the crimes are little bit heightened, and it's: sit back and enjoy it. Have a glass of rosé, enjoy it, that's what it's about."

The Mallorca Files season 2 cast

Elen Rhys and Julian Looman will return to the lead the Mallorca Files cast as bickering double act Miranda Blake (an uptight British detective) and Max Winter (her party-loving German counterpart) respectively.

"I am absolutely thrilled to be back filming series two of the Mallorca Files," said Elen Rhys when season two was announced. "Being recommissioned is a huge show of faith and testament to all the hard work and heart the creatives, cast and crew have poured into the show. Miranda Blake has a good few crimes to solve yet!"

"Getting a second series so soon is a great reward for all the passion, heart and fun we have put into playing the fantastic characters of Max and Miranda," said Julian Looman. "We are hugely grateful for the trust the BBC and the production teams have shown in committing to this second season and we look forward to showcasing audiences more of Max and Miranda’s adventures."

Where is The Mallorca Files filmed?

The Mallorca Files filming locations include beautiful spots from all over the island: beaches, opera houses, underwater lakes, winding mountain roads and more.


The Mallorca Files is available on BBC iPlayer. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.


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