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When is You Are What You Wear on TV? - Everything you need to know about Rylan's new makeover show

The series is the first fashion makeover show BBC One has had in 15 years

Published: Thursday, 11th June 2020 at 8:27 am

Do you remember when makeover shows were all the rage? You couldn't flick through the channels without someone being told to buy a skirt "cut on the bias" (we still don't know what that means) and hearing Lowri Turner's golden rule: you must match your foundation to your skin tone!


Since then, British TV makeovers have been consigned to quick slots on This Morning and Lorraine, but Rylan Clark-Neal is bringing the genre back with a bang.

Tonight he launches a brand new makeover show for the BBC, the channel's first in 15 years, called You Are What You Wear.

Five stylists will take it in turns to meet volunteers who are feeling a bit down about their outward appearance, usually because of something that has happened in their personal lives. The idea is for Rylan and the team to use fashion to help boost their self-esteem and stride into a happier life.

So when is it on? What can viewers expect? And who are the stylists joining Rylan on the show?

Here's everything you need to know...

When is You Are What You Wear on TV?

The series was supposed to air in March, but got postponed at the last minute because of the coronavirus outbreak. Finally it's back in the schedules, and we're pleased to confirm that You Are What You Wear kicks off at 8pm tonight.

The show will continue weekly on Thursday nights on BBC1, and can also be watched on BBC iPlayer.

What is it You Are What You Wear about?

Rylan Clark-Neal (BBC)

Clothes aren't just bits of fabric we throw on our bodies, they can be hugely powerful in deciding how we feel about ourselves and how the world sees us. So every episode starts in the Mirror Room, a studio with a humungous mirror, meaning there's absolutely nowhere to hide. Rylan stands next to the contributors and asks them to describe what they see - every flaw, blemish and insecurity is laid out for scrutiny, not in a cruel way, but to understand how they feel about their look.

Behind the scenes, Rylan's team of five stylists are watching this footage and arguing over who gets the chance to dress the client. The decision is based on their expertise – whether this be knowing how to pick the best pair of jeans or dressing curves – and eventually the mirror will slide back to reveal who has taken on the challenge.

In episode one, viewers will meet Chris, a 6ft 5 personal hygiene salesman who only wears black, looking to inject some colour into his wardrobe while Manny from Leeds has a very different dilemma. At 5ft 3, he’s been wearing children’s sized clothes for years and is looking for a grown up style with sass. We'll also see PE teacher Rachael kick her trainer addiction, and warehouse worker Karen differentiate between her uniform and weekend wear.

Who are the stylists?

Alongside Rylan are five of the UK’s most exciting stylists with very different styles and personalities, ready to uplift a diverse range of contributors seeking to reinvent their wardrobes.

Darren Kennedy

The fashion writer loves classic tailoring and can make anyone feel chic.

He has hosted for BAFTA, GQ, several seasons of London Fashion Week Festival for the British Fashion Council and live on the red carpet for the Brit Awards. Darren also regularly contributes to Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

Joey Bevan

The fashion designer likes to push boundaries and think outside the box. He counts Little Mix, Jessie J and Lady GaGa as his celebrity clients, and he L’Oreal, Urban Decay and Disney amongst his commercial clients.

Kat Farmer

Kat is a self-confessed fashion addict and her hugely popular blog, #doesmybumlook40, documents her journey to finding her style in her 40s.

Lucie Clifford

Lucie Clifford is a sought-after stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade.

The former Fashion Editor of Look Magazine, and Shopping Editor of Fabulous Magazine, she now counts the likes of Simply Be, New Look, Lipsy, Primark and Amazon amongst some of her advertising and commercial clients.

Nana Acheampong

London-based fashion and celebrity stylist Nana loves a bit of glamour and bling.

She has worked with a host of editorial titles, commercial brands, digital commerce, TV shows and music clients – including Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

Is there a trailer?

There sure is - and you're in for a treat!

At the beginning of the clip, Rylan says: "If you're stuck it a style rut, you have come to the right place as I've got the perfect people for the job!" Little did he know when he filmed it, that he'd be addressing a nation that hasn't been able to go out clothes shopping for months because of a worldwide pandemic!

You can watch it below.

You Are What You Wear starts tonight at 8pm, on BBC One.


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