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Who won Survival of the Fittest?

ITV2’s “winter Love Island” has its first champions

Survival of the Fittest
Published: Saturday, 3rd March 2018 at 11:24 am

After three weeks of mental and physical challenges, ITV2’s new reality show Survival of the Fittest has come to an end with the Girls on top, defeating the Boys in the Ultimate Team Challenge and taking home the final prize.


The result ties in with’s own poll about the series, which saw 80% of those who voted rooting for the girls to win the series.

However, it wasn’t just a team sport, with the overall “Fittest Girl” (as voted for by the public) revealed as Mettisse, who was then given a choice – split the £40,000 prize money with her remaining teammates or her boyfriend Tristan.

In other words, it was MATES or DATES – and in the end Mettisse opted to share the money with her pals, meaning the Girls take home a £10,000 share each.

“This win means that we have put everything together, in regards to teamwork, communication and unity and show Girls out there that we are strong, women can empower each other and that we can all stick together,” Mettisse said upon her win.

“I feel like we have just won a normal challenge, it doesn’t feel real that we’ve won the whole series!” added Mariam.

“We’ve shown we have equality to men,” Jenny said. Men are not above us, they are not better than us.

“No one is better than anyone, we are all equals. This could be a good dent in the feeling that Women are not as strong as Men. For all the Girls out there watching, I hope we have done them proud.”

“I want to be remembered as a Girl who always stuck to her morals and was opinionated,” Mettisse concluded. “I want to be remembered as being honest.”


It's currently unknown whether Survival of the Fittest will return for a second series.


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