We're rather big fans of TV here at RadioTimes.com and when it comes to the festive season, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for us without the telly.


TV has become a rather important part of the Christmas season and chances are you're keen to get your hands on the Christmas double issue and find out what to watch – but before we tell you what's on, we want you to tell us how you watch it!

Do you like to watch TV while tucking into your Christmas dinner? Or do you avoid it all together while the family are around and enjoy the shows on catch-up instead? Could you live without the TV or internet on the big day? And how do you work out what you want to watch?


We want to hear all about your Christmas TV traditions...

Do you have the TV on during Christmas dinner?

Do you tune in for the Queen’s Speech?

Do you fall asleep in front of the TV on Christmas Day?

What's the ONE show you have to watch on Christmas Day?

How do you watch TV on Christmas Day?

Portrait of the Real Santa Claus watching TV
Even Santa can't resist a spot of Christmas TV (Getty / inhauscreative)

How many hours of TV do you watch on Christmas Day?

How many hours of on-demand TV (Netflix, iPlayer etc) do you watch on Christmas Day?

What’s the one device you couldn’t live without on Christmas Day?

Do you watch TV as a family on Christmas Day?

Do you watch religious programmes on Christmas Day?

Time for a Christmas movie night? (Getty / DGLimages)

Is Christmas TV better or worse than when you were a child?

Do you think there are more repeats on at Christmas than there used to be?

How do you find out what’s on TV over Christmas?

Thanks for taking part - have a very Happy Christmas!