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Viewers didn't know where to look as things got rather steamy between Sarah and Chad on CBB

Love between the sheets...

Published: Monday, 21st August 2017 at 10:30 am

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson turned up the heat on Celebrity Big Brother on Sunday night, appearing to have a bit of hanky panky under the sheets.


The duo, who officially became girlfriend and boyfriend a few days ago, shared a bed for the first time and got a bit carried away.

Bachelorette star Chad was captured on camera whispering to former Girls Aloud singer Sarah that it was “hard” to “not”… you can fill in the gaps.


Meanwhile, spiritual medium Derek Acorah was snoring like a dragon in the background.

What better way to consummate a relationship?

Then there appeared to be some fondling under the duvet and lots of sighing from Chad.

Viewers couldn’t handle it.


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm tonight on Channel 5


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