Where do I watch Ultimate Beastmaster? Who hosts it and is it still on?

Here is everything you need to know before watching Netflix's original obstacle course show from around the world

Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3

Premiering in 2017, this obstacle course competition show sees over 100 athletes each season try to beat custom course ‘The Beast’, but only one can become the Ultimate Beastmaster.


Where to watch Ultimate Beastmaster?

Ultimate Beastmaster is a Netflix original series.

What is Ultimate Beastmaster about?

In Ultimate Beastmaster, contestants from each competing country has to complete an obstacle course called ‘The Beast’. While in seasons one and two the winner of each episode went straight to the final to compete to become the Ultimate Beastmaster, from season three a second stage has been added and contestants have to beat the Beast twice before getting to the final.

Who hosts Ultimate Beastmaster?

Ultimate Beastmaster sets itself apart from other obstacle course shows as each season features contestants from between six and nine different countries and Netflix produces the same number of localised versions of the show, where commentary is provided by actors, celebrities and TV personalities from that country.

These have included people of the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Terry Crews in season one, while the UK sent professional wrestler Stu Bennett and sports journalist Kate Abdo.

What countries are in Ultimate Beastmaster?

The countries that compete in Ultimate Beastmaster change every season, but have included the US, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, France, Italy, China, India, the UK and Australia.

How many seasons of Ultimate Beastmaster are there?

There have currently been three season sof Ultimate Beastmaster, all available to stream on Netflix.


Will Ultimate Beastmaster return?

No official news has been given my Netflix about their plans for Ultimate Beastmaster, though it is worth noting that the official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the show have not been active since August 2018, when season three aired.