Netflix releases first look of new dating show Too Hot To Handle

The new dating competition, which prohibits sexual activity between contestants, premieres this Friday

Credit: Netflix

If you’re still experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the Love is Blind reunion special, Netflix just dropped the trailer for Too Hot to Handle – your next dose of dating drama.


The eight-part dating competition places 10 single “commitment-phobes” from all over the world in a seaside villa together in the hope that they’ll find long term love.

However, there’s a catch – no kissing or sexual activity can take place if the contestants want to get their hands on the $100,000 (£79,220) prize. 

Too Hot To Handle’s new trailer shows the swimwear-clad group flirting with each other and partying, as one contestant describes the villa as “literally heaven on Earth”.

However, they are soon interrupted by Lana, an Alexa-like device, who informs them: “There are conditions to your stay here: no kissing or sex of any kind.”

As the aim of the game is to “gain deeper emotional connections”, Lana will deduct money from the contestants’ total prize amount if any couple breaks the rules on heavy petting.

That doesn’t seem to stop the group though, with the trailer showcasing lots of snogging as well as sexual frustration. 

The singles’ impulses will also be tested during a number of risqué challenges, with the clip showing one task requiring the couples to tie each other up. “All we’ve got to do is keep our pants on,” one contestant says in the trailer, but will resisting temptation really be that easy?

Three of the show’s contestants are from the UK – model Chloe Veitch, fitness coach David Birtwistle and rugby player Kelechi Dyke. The other contestants hail from Canada, Australia, Cork and several states in the US.


Too Hot to Handle launches on Netflix on April 17th. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV Guide.