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The Paul O'Grady Show is NEVER coming back

Speaking at the NTAs, Special Recognition award-winner Paul O'Grady insisted he'll never go back to his chat show again

Paul O'Grady at the NTAs
Published: Thursday, 25th January 2018 at 8:39 am

The Paul O'Grady Show was a fixture of the TV schedules for so many years – but it's never coming back.


The chat show launched in 2004 and attracted millions of fans, travelling between various channels and from daytime to primetime to teatime until Paul O'Grady's final series in 2015. It featured the dogs Buster and Olga, funny viewers' letters and interviews with celebrity guests, and in its heyday it was pitted against Richard and Judy.

But ater picking up his Special Recognition prize at the National Television Awards for his work on ITV's For the Love of Dogs, the TV personality confirmed there would be no more revivals or comebacks.

"No, I wouldn't go back to do the talk show, no," he told backstage. "I did ten years of that and that was quite enough.

"It was, really. Because you become like a market trader in the end. 'Tell me about your film! Tell me about your book! Tell me about your play! There were very few raconteurs who came on and would say, 'Oh yeah I've written a book but let me tell you about this.'"

All that self-promotion became boring - but it wasn't all bad.


"Roger Moore was glorious, and Lauren Bacall," O'Grady recalled. "All the old timers, and I was lucky to meet these people. Never thought I would."


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