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X Factor's LMA Choir won a LOT of fans with an "incredible" Lion King performance

The Liverpool group received plenty of praise for their Circle of Life cover

Published: Saturday, 20th October 2018 at 10:36 pm

Can you feel the love tonight for The LMA choir? In the first live show of The X Factor 2018, the Liverpool group blew away viewers and judges with their pitch-perfect cover of Lion King classic Circle of Life.


Although there was no sight of Simba or Rafiki, the choir’s performance was packed with powerful vocals that earned plenty of positive comments from the panel.

While Simon said the performance was the group’s best so far, Louis Tomlinson praised their “infectious energy” and, not wanting to swear on live TV, Ayda Field said the group was “bleeping incredible”.

Viewers at home also gave the choir plenty of praise…

For some viewers it induced nostalgia...

And for others it was heart-touching...

Robbie Williams in particular made a splash...

And although some still thought the choir would be better suited to Britain's Got Talent...


The majority still feel like the LMA could be real contenders this year...

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