Susan Calman has already tried out her Strictly Come Dancing moves

The latest contestant destined for the dancefloor was given a lesson in the Charleston by former Strictly star Jeremy Vine


Susan Calman is the ninth celebrity to join the Strictly Come Dancing line-up and the comedian has already given us a glimpse of what to, er, expect…


After her Strictly unveiling on Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine show, Calman was offered a small dance lesson by the host, himself a previous contestant of the dance extravaganza.

In particular, Vine was keen to teach Calman the “swivel”, which would come in usual when tackling the dreaded Charleston. And how well did she take on the new technique? See for yourself…

We’ll just say it’s lucky Calman’s got a few more weeks to train before the show begins…


Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC1 this autumn