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Richard Jones's Britain's Got Talent blog: "Kyle Tomlinson was my favourite audition of the whole series"

Richard talks about how David Walliams has changed Kyle's life and how he's never seen a magician do what TanBA did in his weekly blog for

Published: Sunday, 21st May 2017 at 11:52 am

There have been so many talented teenage singers on Britain’s Got Talent this year. Destiny Chukunyere was very, very good last night, as was Leah Barniville – I really enjoyed both of them, and the fact that Leah even sang in Italian was really impressive.


So it looks like the live semi-finals of BGT will have a lot of young singers. There will probably be a couple of them performing on each show, which might make it more difficult to stand out. However, I thought Kyle Tomlinson was fantastic last night. He was my favourite Golden Buzzer act – and he was actually my favourite audition of the whole series!

He was quite nervous and he was up against the pressure from the moment he walked out because he’d been on the show before and not done so well. It sounded like that’s what spurred him on to work really hard and come back even after he got a negative comment from David the first time.

He then sang Hallelujah really powerfully and then David changed his life when he pressed that Gold Buzzer. It was a really nice of him to do that and it was really lucky that David was the only one left without a Golden Buzzer act yet. It was such an amazing moment and kind of went full circle.

One of the messages I try to express in my shows is that it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks. As long as you know you can do something, you can. Kyle has probably just inspired hundreds and thousands of people. If they’re having a hard time but they love doing something, they should keep going and they will get there at some point. That is the most powerful message BGT tells and Kyle is the perfect example. He’s gone from the bottom to being the Golden Buzzer in three years.

Elsewhere, cheerleaders Coventry Dynamites were very good. The way they were throwing each other into the air was so impressive and dangerous. You know that something like that has taken years and years of practice and hard work – there’s no fast track to being able to do all that stuff!

What roller skaters Annette and Yannick did was very entertaining. Although like Simon said, there’s been a number of acts like that in the past and I think that’s what they were always going to struggle with. The year before last brother and sister Billy and Emily England got to the semi-finals of BGT with a similar roller skating act, so I think that was always going to be hard for Annette and Yannick just because the judges had seen something a number of times before.

That said, Simon commented that he got bored halfway through their performance. There was no way that was boring at all! It’s not like you could look away or go and make a coffee – you had to see it through because it was so dangerous. It was very impressive, risky and Annette in particular was very brave.

I’ve previously seen a lot of magicians do the swallowing the balloon trick, but I’ve never ever seen anyone bring it back up like TanBA did. He added another layer of magic onto it that I’ve never seen someone do. He did a great job with that because it was something nobody was expecting. I can’t say how I think he did it but he was very, very clever!

And the thing I enjoyed most about The Pensionaires were the little snippets that the BGT team had been filming in the holding room where they were pouring coffee for each other and stuff – it was hilarious! It was really nice to see them going on to audition at their age and getting a standing ovation for singing You Make Me Feel so Young. Everyone enjoyed it – and the crowd loved it!


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