Did last night’s The Voice go on for an eternity, or did time just slow down?

No seriously, is it over yet or are we just dreaming that it's over?

We’ve all had the experience of sticking with something purely out of obligation, of feeling that we should plod on because it would be wrong not to. Perhaps you’ve had it while watching your younger brother’s terrible play, or while watching Fifty Shades of Grey. Or maybe while reading the third quarter of a Lord of the Rings book. (None of these examples are from personal experience…)


Well, that sense of weary duty was keenly felt by many watching the first live edition of The Voice on Saturday night. However much viewers might have loved Sasha’s performance, Rita’s tears and Tom Jones’ defence of his singers, even the most dedicated fans struggled a bit with the sheer length of the show, and the songs that seemed to go on forever….