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Exclusive – Snackmasters' Fred Sirieix says chefs "really struggle" in tough new challenge

Two top chefs are tasked with creating a childhood favourite, Wagon Wheels, as they battle it out on Snackmasters.

Channel 4
Published: Tuesday, 13th April 2021 at 2:07 pm

Snackmasters continues its third series this week, with presenter Fred Sirieix returning to give us the lowdown on what's really inside some of our best-loved snacks and takeaways.


In episode two, two top chefs have just seven days to replicate one of Britain's favourite chocolate treats: the mighty Wagon Wheel, which was a childhood favourite for many of us.

Sirieix revealed it was a "struggle" for the two chefs as there were many complex elements to get right in making the chocolate marshmallow biscuit.

"This was a big challenge... and not just because of the size of the Wagon Wheel!" First Dates star Sirieix told "Not only must the marshmallow be the right texture and sweetness but the biscuit needs to have the right amount of cocoa to get that brown colour.

"The firmness and texture of the biscuit needs to be spot on to get that crisp snap. Then the chocolate coating on the outside – it shouldn't melt in your hand, it has a wavey pattern on top and a complicated mesh imprinted on the bottom. It seems a simple snack, but two chefs with decades of experience really struggle."

In a first-look clip from episode two, Fred introduces the task by saying, "The chefs have no idea they are about to receive this iconic snack."

The chefs in question are Tristan Welsh, previously tasked with replicating Monster Munch crisps (and sadly losing), and Sirius Doliwadda, who is new to the series.

In the clip, Doliwadda explains, "I'm just hoping that I don't get anything so zany and out of the ordinary that it racks your brain and it wrecks your brain."

Meanwhile, Welsh adds, "It's just so interesting and intriguing, finding out how things tick and how it works."

When they find out that they have to recreate the humble Wagon Wheel, Doliwadda looks bemused to say the least, as he asks: "What the hell is this?"

Welsh, on the other hand, seems slightly more enthused, excitedly exclaiming: "Wagon Wheels!" as he opens the mystery box.


Snackmasters continues on Tuesday 6th April at 9pm on Channel 4. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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