Too Hot To Handle's Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O'Brien are now dating.


Despite becoming platonic friends throughout the dating show, LA-based Bryce has said that the two contestants became much closer after filming, despite her living in Ireland. "I think she is so beautiful and sweet and lovely," he said.

"As far as our relationship stands at the moment, we're just seeing how everything plays out," he continued. "Obviously we are on opposite sides of the planet, but we chat daily (when the times work out!)"

Bryce said that the new couple are keeping the relationship "very casual and chill", although COVID 19 is currently keeping them apart. "Once quarantine ends, we can hopefully reunite and see where it goes from there!"

Cork contestant Nicole added that Bryce is "a genuinely lovely guy" and confirmed that they are seeing where things go for now.

"It's not the ideal situation when he lives halfway across the globe but we are trying to figure out how we will move forward after quarantine ends."

Nicole did not connect romantically with anyone during her time on the show, while Bryce had a brief fling with Essex-based Chloe before she decided to swiftly end their relationship.

Nicole and Bryce (Netflix)

As for other couples on the show, serial rule-breakers Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago are still going strong despite being absent from each other's social media profiles. "Francesca and I are better than ever, we took a bit of a break in between but now we are full steam ahead," Australian contestant Harry said. "I can't wait to start travelling and we can put some babies in her belly!"

Francesca added that the couple are "stronger than ever": "It was so amazing to watch our love story unfold and I am so excited for what the future holds for the two of us!"

Sadly, fan favourites Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul have revealed that they are no longer an item, with distance being a key issue."Rhonda has been a blessing to have in my life...although she's miles away our connection will always be," Sharron said.

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Meanwhile, Rhonda has moved on since the relationship. "Sharron and I are not together, but fortunately I have been able to rekindle a relationship with a special someone."

Too Hot to Handle
Harry and Francesca (Netflix)

The eight-part Netflix dating competition followed 10 singletons as they tried to find love on a seaside Mexican retreat and win the $100,000 cash prize, however there's a twist – no sexual activity is permitted.

Despite some hefty deductions from the prize pot (Francesca and Harry we're looking at you), the group left the competition with $75,000 split between them.


Series one of Too Hot To Handle is now streaming on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.