The Jump 2015: Lady Victoria Hervey eliminated

After recording the slowest bobsleigh time, Lady V's jump just wasn't big enough to save her

Labelled “too posh to push” Lady Victoria Hervey has bombed out of The Jump after recording the slowest bobsleigh time. 


After the trainer was seen bemoaning the fact that Lady V was difficult to teach – “I’m really struggling with how to make her understand” – the socialite failed to clock up a fast enough time to see her enter tonight’s competition. Indeed, rather than be pitted against another celebrity, Lady V was immediately told she’d be one of five celebrities jumping. 

Landing a jump of 13.5 meters, she remained at risk of leaving for the rest of the show as the other celebrities learned who would also be jumping, based on each pairing’s slowest bobsleigh time.

Matched up by the local mayor who drew the competitors via numbered balls – which gave host Davina McCall ample opportunity to go on about delving around in his “ball bag” (oo-er!) – the famous faces matched up.

It was a reality star face-off between Joey Essex and Louise Thompson – the latter recording the slowest time and taking on the jump, landing at 15.5 meters.

The olympians stepped up to the plate next as heptathlete Louise Hazel took on cyclist Jon-Allan Butterworth. The latter lost out and went on to jump for the first time. He recorded a distance of 13.5 – the same as Lady V’s – but his faster bobsleigh time saved him.

Jackass’s Steve-O took on a devilishly competitive Chloe Madeley, but it was the pro stuntman who won out, with Chloe going on to land an impressive 14.5 meters.

Then, it seemed like it was ‘poor’ JB, who drew favourite Mike Tindall, but the former JLS singer not only beat Tindall, he recorded the fastest time of the lot! Mike, a bad fall under his belt from earlier in the day, jumped again landing a mighty 17 meters, just behind his previous leap of 18 meters. 

That left Lady V heading back to the ski lodge and out of tomorrow night’s event, the Ski Cross, which arguably would have been her best event. No doubt she took that well…


The Jump continues tomorrow night at 8:00pm on Channel 4