The baking continued tonight on The Great British Bake Off.


This week's Bake Off theme saw the contestants take on Pastry Week, and it was as nice as pie for one contestant who took over from last week's champ, Mark.

Here's which one of the Great British Bake Off 2020 contestants won Star Baker this week.

Who won Star Baker in week five?

It was a tough choux in Pastry Week.

First up, the bakers had to make Cornish Pasties for the Signature Challenge.

While Marc didn't quite bake his pasties for long enough, The Great British Bake Off judges and hosts were pretty impressed with Hermine's, complimenting her flavours.

Prue particularly loved Laura's, saying she could "gobble" it up, and Laura managed to impress Paul, too, as praised her pastry making skills.

Unfortunately the Technical Challenge - which was set by Prue - didn't go down as well.

The contestants were tasked with making three chocolate Eclairs and three raspberry Eclairs.

Hermine came second for her bakes, while Peter won his first Technical Challenge for his bakes.

Finally, it was time for the Showstopper, which saw the bakers making caged tarts.

Great British Bake Off 2020 contestant Laura
Great British Bake Off 2020 contestant Laura Channel 4

Dave pulled it out the bag with his pyramid caged tart. Paul loved the flavours and Prue described it as harmonious.

Marc's looked good, and Prue enjoyed the rich flavours. However, they agreed that the base was too thick for the delicate flavours of the chocolate.

Similarly Hermine, Peter and Laura won the judges over with their tarts.

"I think you've excelled yourself!" Prue gushed as she tasted Laura's key lime tart.

It was a tough competition, but in the end it came down to Dave and Laura. With Laura pulling off both the Signature and her Showstopper, the judges decided she was this week's champ and named her as Star Baker.


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