Selling Sunset’s Mary explains wedding confusion and says Netflix nuptials were “absolutely real”

Documents had emerged that appeared to show Mary and Romain had actually married in March 2018

Mary Selling Sunset

Some fans questioned the authenticity of Netflix reality series Selling Sunset recently when documents emerged showing that Mary and Romain had married in March 2018 – more than a year-and-a-half earlier than their wedding in the show.


But Mary has denied claims the wedding was staged for the cameras, explaining in a recent interview that the nuptials shown in the series were “absolutely real”.

Speaking to Fubar Radio, the estate agent said, “We invited all of our friends and family. We didn’t tell anybody. We just signed the paper for personal reasons and then we wanted to wait until we could have our real wedding.


“Romain’s never been married before. A wedding didn’t mean that much to me. I was happy to just go on a beach in Bali and I tried very hard to do that actually. No cameras, no anything, just our closest friends.

“It’s not that big of a deal. They’re like, ‘The show’s fake, this is all fake’. We’re like, ‘What are you talking about? You see all of our family! How can you fake that? That was our wedding!’ People sign a certificate all the time before they do their actual wedding.”
Aside from Mary’s comments, other cast members have previously addressed the contentious question: is Selling Sunset real or scripted?
Well, according to Mary’s fellow Selling Sunset cast member Jason Oppenheim, the agents are absolutely not fake.
“Mary, Heather, Maya, and Christine were licensed and successful real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group many years prior to filming our show,” he said to

“Amanza worked with us as a designer, and has been a close friend of Mary’s and mine for many years. Chrishell was a practicing agent at another brokerage, many years previous to filming Selling Sunset. As a licensed agent, Davina had transacted many deals before joining the team in 2018.”

“Any insinuation that the agents on our show are not experienced, successful, or licensed, evidences a complete disregard for the facts.”

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