The latest dinner party on Married at First Sight Australia season five promised to be sparky and when the fuse was lit Dean, Troy and, especially, Justin were sitting on powder kegs.


Charlene Perera was furious that during the boys' night some of the husbands had been discussing which of the other wives they fancied – or who fancied them – and the wife-swapping chat triggered an explosive encounter.

While Dean Wells wore most of it early on, millionaire Justin Fischer came off worst.

Earlier, it looked as if it was going to be an entire pile-on with Dean and the other catalysts of the wife-swapping conversation, Justin and Troy, would emerge unscathed.

Spoke too soon! Troy was skewered by Sarah Roza after it emerged he'd been discussing his mother-in-law at the boys' night. If looks could kill, wife Ashley would be serving multiple life sentences.

Justin didn't emerge unscathed at all. In fact, his lack of fight and weak response to Carly's rage inspired a tsunami of criticism on social media.

"I didn't sign up for this," he said. Actually, you did.

Carly had clearly had enough. As she spat at him she wasn't wasting any more time, Twitter lit up with a chorus of "Finally!"

"How many times do you want him to tell you he doesn't want you?"

But there were some viewers ready to defend the ice-cream machine magnate. "He's a simple creature and he hates conflict. Leave him alone." said one.

It's impossible to see them lasting beyond the next commitment ceremony.

Meanwhile, Dean had been typically evasive, telling the dinner table that there was no way he would disrespect women like that.

"I've been a feminist my whole life," he claimed. Fans of the E4 blind date marriage show spluttered in unison around the country.

One wag wrote: "Dean is a feminist in the same way that I'm an ace fighter pilot, currently tweeting from the cockpit of my jet as I fly on an urgent mission."

Dean had shown he was a player from pretty much day one of season five, so his defensive manoeuvre that he was "all about gender equality" fell on very barren ground.

While the dinner party was at odds about what was actually said on the boys' night – that the "truth was somewhere in the middle" of Charlene and Dean's dispute – some pointed out there was some prime evidence that could settle the matter.

Married at First Sight Australia returns for a commitment ceremony in its next episode on E4. If you can't wait to find out what happened to all the couples after the series ended, read our seasons four and five update.


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