Love Island 2016: meet Javi Shephard

He once stole Wayne Rooney's vodka and ended up in hospital. As for Love Island he's pretty confident about his skills...


Name: Javi Shephard


Age: 27

Lives: York

Job: Surveyor 

Claim to fame: I met Wayne Rooney once in a club. I pretended to be part of his entourage, stole his bottle of vodka and woke up in hospital the next day: “I think I drank too much of Wayne’s wine!”

Why Love Island? “I actually do want to find love. I’ve been unsuccessful in other… methods. So I thought this would be a good thing, a good challenge, fun and hopefully there’s some beautiful, amazing women there with chemistry we can work on.”

As for sex on TV he’s for it: “Under the covers!”

Best line? “Whispering something Spanish into a girl’s ear. I’m fluent in Spanish – a nice trait to have in general, not just for the women.”

Weird fact: “I have a big tongue”. He stuck it out – it is indeed quite surprisingly big. “It’s my party trick!” 

On dating: “I think I’m pretty good at what I do. What I do? It’s not like I’m a professional dater…”


Love Island starts Monday 30th May 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly