Mark from Love Is Blind says the show “missed out” why he connected with Jessica

The Netflix contestant said that his "connection" with Jessica was deeper than viewers were led to believe

Love Is Blind's Mark and Jessica

Love Is Blind contestant Mark Cuevas has opened up about his ill-fated relationship with Jessica Batten ahead of the Netflix series’ upcoming reunion special.


Mark revealed that, while he hasn’t yet watched the finale episode where Jessica dumps him at the altar, he’s watched some of the series – and believes that Netflix didn’t show the full truth about his and Jessica’s “connection”.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: “I think they missed out a little bit on why Jess and I connected. We didn’t just connect because Jess and I were from Chicago, like oh, she’s the one. We really connected on a deeper level. We did a gift-giving day. We had a nacho and queso day. We did things. We were actually really goofy with each other and had a lot of fun.”

Love Is Blind's Jessica and Mark
Love Is Blind’s Jessica and Mark

Asked about how he reacted to Jessica’s choice to dump him at their wedding, he said: “The experience was so intense, I wasn’t even mad at her. I was upset and disappointed but I wasn’t angry. It just hurt, you know? You think for a little while, what’s wrong with me? What could have gone differently? But that is a recipe for misery. When you really think about it, everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen.”

He also revealed that the upcoming reunion episode was the first time that he’d seen her in one and a half years (the show was filmed back in 2018). “I saw Jess at the reunion,” he said. “I think it was just a lot of emotions at first. But by the end of it, we both looked at each other like, dude we went through this together. She’s always going to have a special place in my heart.

“It was such a mind-opening experience. I have no ill will towards her and I wish her nothing but the best and success in any relationship, career, whatever she decides to do.”


The Love is Blind reunion show will stream on Netflix from Thursday 5th March.