No, Karren Brady and Claude Littner won’t replace Lord Sugar on The Apprentice

With the business mogul eyeing up an exit date, both of Lord Sugar's aides say they'll be leaving the show with him

The Apprentice (2019 series 15) Portraits

What would happen if Lord Sugar left The Apprentice? Not a question we’ve seriously pondered before, but soon the business mogul’s departure could be a real possibility. Well, sort of: at the launch of the upcoming series, Sugar announced he was looking to leave the show after 20 series.


Although this means we might have five more years of Lord Sugar and his firing finger, there is now the big question of who could replace him. And we’ve got one answer for you: not Karren Brady or Claude Littner.

When asked by whether she’d consider filling Lord Sugar’s shoes if he were to leave, the Baroness – who has been an aide on the show since 2009 – said she wouldn’t hesitate to turn down the offer. “I think we came into this together and we’ll leave together,” she said.

And as to whether fellow aide Littner would also leave with her, Brady quickly answered: “Definitely.”

“We’ve all known each other for such a long time,” she added. “The reason the show works well is because we get on really well. We’re good friends.”

This echoes Littner’s previous comments on Twitter that he would depart The Apprentice with Sugar.

So, if not Karren and Claude, who could replace Lord Sugar? Richard Branson? Mary Portas? Dare we suggest Piers Morgan?

Have your say in our poll below and see more about each potential stand-in here.


The Apprentice is on 9pm Wednesdays, BBC One