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Here's what will happen if rain threatens the Love Island launch

There are "contingency plans" in place to make sure the villa is sun-drenched, not rain-drenched come Monday night

Published: Thursday, 31st May 2018 at 1:24 pm

There's one thing you can be absolutely sure of on Love Island. Well, apart from hearing the word "grafting" innumerable times during episode one.


The villa and the islanders are permanently sun-drenched. Seemingly, it never ever rains on Love Island.

There's just one problem with that - it does rain. When visited the villa ahead of the launch of series four, during the short drive it was absolutely pouring down. Which made us think: what would happen if it kept on raining when they needed to film?

Especially because looking at the most recent weather forecasts for where the villa is located, rain and thunderstorms are predicted for Sunday - just one day before the show's launch and when much of the filmed content for Monday night's launch show will no doubt be recorded.

Well ITV have said that the show's producers have a contingency plan for such an eventuality, and that if it does rain it will simply involves more filming inside the villa. Apparently, not that we'd know, this happened a few times last year.

Also, anecdotally, people who work on the show told us that even when it does rain at the villa, the showers are usually brief and the sun makes a swift return.

Let's hope come Monday, the islanders are sun-drenched not rain-drenched.


Love Island starts Monday 4th June at 9pm on ITV2


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