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Geordie Shore cast reflect on best and worst moments and reveal TV regrets as reality show celebrates 10th anniversary

The MTV show first aired on the 24th May 2011. *This article contains themes and language only suitable for adults.*

Geordie Shore cast
Published: Monday, 24th May 2021 at 12:01 am

It's been 10 years since Geordie Shore first aired. Back then, original cast members included Vicky Pattison, Gary 'Gaz' Beadle and Charlotte Crosby. All three have now left, and gone on to do other things, but the Newcastle-based reality TV show is still going strong, inviting us into the lives of current cast members including Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry, and James Tindale.


Ahead of today, the series' 10th anniversary – which will be celebrated in a special two part series titled Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon – the trio opened up about their best and worst moments over the decades.

Recalling his favourite moments on the show, Nathan, who joined the series in 2015, said: "I liked travelling the world. I've always wanted to go to Australia, and then before we did the Australian series, me and Chloe did a PA tour around Australia. How many people at 24 get to say they've flown first class to Australia to go and meet people? That is just amazing in itself. It still makes me giddy."

For James, the show has brought him many opportunities, with the 30-year-old adding: "One of the main highlights for me is just the kind of freedom it's given us. It's given me the chance to be able to travel a lot more and then obviously Australia, doing PAs and nightclub appearances and TV and stuff. And it's given me a bit of a platform to be able to build businesses."

Geordie Shore
Charlotte Crosby will return for the 10-year Geordie Shore special MTV

Asked what they think has kept the show going for so many years, Nathan said: "We stay current to what's going on in the world today. We have people of all different races, people of all different sexual orientations; we have that diverse cast. For example, Love Island talks about heterosexual couples but the world is not all heterosexual couples. There's gay people, lesbian people, bisexual, conservative. We see everything."

He added that he would like to see a transgender person join the show in order to increase the diversity of the cast's representation.

Geordie Shore has come on leaps and bounds since it first started on MTV in 2011, when it received some backlash for the cast members' behaviour.

"At the beginning, there was negative backlash and it was all about going out shagging and stuff, whereas now it's got the core family values. I think that's what's gave us the longevity and the fact that we're so proud of it," Nathan said.

So, do they have any TV regrets?

"Every night you get drunk, we do something embarrassing!" James explained.

"We all do something embarrassing but you just can't live in the past. That will just ruin your life," Chloe continued. "We all do embarrassing stuff. Who cares? I don't care!"

Geordie Shore's James Tindale
Geordie Shore's James Tindale

While Chloe and James are happy to put their younger days in the past, Nathan doesn't feel the same, admitting: "I do regret some of the things that I've done, I'm not going to sit here and lie. I just think that's all part of the process isn't it? Being young and growing up on TV –any mistakes that a normal teenager would make, we made in front of the world. And I know some of the things I've done, I do regret but they made me the person I am and I've learned not to do certain things again, especially on TV."

When it comes to criticism from fans, however, Chloe hasn't always found it easy to deal with.

Opening up about her mental health, she explained: "That's why my sort of depression started because I felt like there was so much hate online. When everyone was looking, everyone was judging us."

Despite this, the cast are looking forward to filming again after having to take a break last year due to COVID-19.

James, who started the show in 2011 before returning in 2016 and again in 2019, said: "I feel like when we do all meet up for the first time together for drinks, we'll be excited. I'm looking forward to that."

Similarly, Nathan and Chloe are eager to get back in the house, however, this could be the last time we see Chloe on air, and Nathan may also be on his way out after six years on the show.

"I wouldn't say I have no plans to leave," Nathan explained. "I'm getting older now, and I can't be the head of the house forever. I have my own house and I have two dogs. I've got a lot of things going on. My time will eventually come to an end.

"I'm looking forward to going back this year because obviously being in lockdown, I've been in this house by myself, so the only contact I've had with people is literally through Zoom on my phone, so to actually be in a house filled with everyone, I can't wait. But, after three weeks I'll be like, 'Please get me home, I hate these people, it's disgusting, I want my own bed!"

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry Getty Images

"I think I'm going to do one more series of Geordie and I think I'm done with that now. I think I want to start steering away from TV. I want to start expanding my salons," Chloe revealed.

So, does that mean she wouldn't be up for Dancing on Ice 22, given her figure skating background?

"I'm smarter than I look," Chloe joked, as Nathan hinted she was fishing for a call from the ITV skating show.

Speaking of future TV options, she added: '"Obviously if I get some good shows, I would possibly want one show before I stay away from TV."


Geordie Shore: Ten Years on the Toon premiers 25th May and 1st June at 10pm on MTV. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub for more news.


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