Doctor Who star Colin Baker leaves I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!

The Panic Rooms Bushtucker Trial saw Baker battling lizards, snakes, crabs... and Eric Bristow

Colin Baker is the latest celebrity to pack his bags and leave the Australian jungle after losing in a Bushtucker Trial against Eric Bristow on Sunday night’s show.


The former Doctor Who star and the darts player faced off in a task called Panic Rooms, in which they and a female campmate each attempted to collect as many stars as possible by plunging their hands into holes filled with lizards, snakes and crabs.

Bristow teamed up with Rosemary Shrager while Baker said he chose EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks as his partner by a process of elimination.

“I couldn’t ask Helen [Flanagan] after [her] having done six or seven Bushtucker Trials,” he said. “[And] Ashley [Roberts] had a horrible night last night when she had either nightmares or was frightened by a random beast of western Australia. So that left Charlie.”

But Colin and Charlie didn’t quite add up to a dream team. After the weigh-in to determine which pair had ended up with the most stars in their pockets, Bristow was saved and Baker was sent home.

The actor remained upbeat, though, and said his stint in the jungle had helped him achieve his goal of dropping some pre-Christmas pounds: “I wanted to lose weight and I knew I wouldn’t have the willpower [on the outside],” he said.


Meanwhile, one camper who may be left less-than-happy by the result is Helen Flanagan, who has had numerous run-ins with “Crafty Cockney” Bristow, branding him “a strange specimen”.